Bonnie Tyler - Din nyhedskilde til information om sangeren

Opdateret: 22-03-2007




Album: Silhouette In Red (Bånd)
Sang: Silhouette In Red
Rækkefølge: Side A: nr. 6
Skrevet/Komponeret: J. Blake


Oh, I know you're a dreamer
There's a child in your eyes
You saved up all your memories
You're tired of all the lies
I hear you cry for someone
Please someone heal the pain
A hand to hold and guide her
Through the fire and through the rain
Oh babe it's not too late now
Don't say it has to end
Been through so much together babe
I'll always be your friend

You are just like an angel
You're just like an angel
So lucky to have met
My silhouette in red
You are just like an angel
You're just like an angel
I never will forget
My silhouette in red

Oh maybe you are lonely
I'm afraid to ask you why
you turn to hide in silence
It hurts so much inside
You lead me through your darkness
The colors of your dreams
Dreams so full of questions
The reasons plain to see
You don't have all the answers
And no one ever will
You'll search the whole world over babe
Learn so much more yet still

When you see her
She'll be searching
For truth and destiny
The answer that she looks for
I hope one day she'll see

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