Bonnie Tyler - Din nyhedskilde til information om sangeren

Opdateret: 22-03-2007




Album: Silhouette In Red
Sang: Sally Comes Around
Rækkefølge: 1
Skrevet/Komponeret: J. Blake 


She was alone, alone again
Living in her broken world
She found out love was just a game
For a young and foolish girl
It doesn't matter, I heard her say
Love is no friend of mine
And it's so hard to forget her past
So cruel and so unkind
She needs to be needed
Love's hard to find

Oh, when Sally comes around
Oh don't let her down
When Sally comes around the town
She wears a wounded heart like a fallen crown
She's tough, with a heart of gold
Oh, when Sally comes around
There's a burning flame
Deep in her heart I know
She's searching in the dark through the falling rain
She's tough, with a heart of gold

A lonely girl is home again
And everyone knows your name
Feels so good to have you around
Things have never been the same
So hang on in, don't you cry
Sally you're among your friends
Ain't no way to hide your joy
Ain't no way to hide your pain
You need to be needed
Again and again

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