Bonnie Tyler - Din nyhedskilde til information om sangeren

Opdateret: 22-03-2007




Album: Silhouette In Red
Sang: Clouds In My Coffee
Rækkefølge: 10
Skrevet/Komponeret: Dieter Bohlen


Oh, do you remember the moment
When the sky turned a sad shade of gray
As darkness crept over the ocean
Then you turned to walk away
I looked to the place at the table
Your face no longer seen
The reflection I saw in your coffee
Was a bitter reflection of me

Clouds in my coffee
And tears in my heart
That's what I'm feeling, yeah
You've torn me apart
Clouds in my coffee
It can't be a dream
But as you walk away
It's all I can see

I still remember the feeling
As the night woke up to the dawn
To awake and realize the meaning
What my eyes had focused upon
This room is so cold and so empty
Just spaces where photographs were
The echo and silence assured me
That you really were no longer here

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